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Why it’s important for physicians to recommend a gut-directed, hypnotherapy app

Many will agree that life is not getting easier. Jobs are getting more demanding, the effects of the pandemic continue to loom, and the political, social, and economic outlook seemingly becomes less stable. For individuals with IBS, this current environment can lead to greater incidence of IBS symptoms.

In light of this, there is an increasing need for mental health support – but not enough therapists to go around. Enter a gut-directed hypnotherapy program called Nerva, delivered on your phone.

Recently, a group of researchers from Australia’s Monash University tested the app’s effectivity in improving IBS patients’ GI symptoms, and whether patients will continue to use the app. Their results were presented at the American Gastroenterology Association’s fall conference.

Of 15,552 individuals who used the app, only 3,101 completed the six-week program. While it was disappointing to see the low adherence rate to the app, those who did comply with the easy-to-track program were more likely to improve their psychological distress and their IBS symptoms in about one week.

Gut-directed hypnotherapy is not a new method of managing IBS. It has been shown in multiple studies to be effective and works just as well as elimination diets like low FODMAP. Nerva uses an experience hypnotherapist to guide users through a focused state of attention and then give suggestions to help the body manage IBS symptoms. It is not mind control at work; rather, it is likened to people become absorbed in a good book or movie.

It was also interesting to note that having a healthcare physician recommend the program meant participants were more likely to complete it, demonstrating the influence of physicians.

Interested in trying Nerva? The app can be found in the apple app store. It has a free seven-day trial, then a subscription fee of $79 (USD) for three months. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee of a full refund.


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