This new book of resources and recipes tops our list

There’s a good chance you already have some knowledge about FODMAP, a group of difficult-to-absorb “sugars” linked to IBS symptoms.

When you were diagnosed with IBS, your GI doctor may have encouraged you to avoid them in your diet. The nurse probably handed you a pamphlet. If you tried looking online, you most likely came across a seemingly endless list of resources, many of which offer conflicting information. With so much online material available, how can you be expected to find an authoritative source with genuinely good advice?

This is where FODMAP experts come in, and Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD is one of the best. Ten years ago, Catsos became the first dietetic journalist to write about FODMAPs in the consumer market. She was also the first to publish a resource book on the FODMAP elimination diet.

Since then, Catsos has traveled across the globe training healthcare professionals, speaking at conferences, and leading workshops to share her expertise. Recently, she talked with IBS Life’s editors about her latest book, “The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook.”

According to Catsos, the rise of the Internet helped accelerate awareness of IBS symptoms and the FODMAP connection. Unfortunately, the online space has also aided in the of spread misinformation, leading to huge amounts of confusion surrounding FODMAP.

“Times have changed, and we’ve learned a great deal more about the IBS-FODMAP connection,” Catsos said. “FODMAP is not a low-fiber or gluten-free diet, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all plan. Because we now know that everyone experiences IBS symptoms differently, FODMAP needs to be personalized to fit each unique individual.”

Dispelling misinformation is one reason why Catsos felt compelled to publish “The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook,” an updated edition based on her first book, “IBS—Free at


This new edition is both educational and applicable to day-to-day life, offering an in-depth exploration of the FODMAP elimination diet and recipes.

What IBS patients and healthcare providers will love in this new book is her practical approach to FODMAP. Catsos begins by educating readers on the basics and the risks and benefits of following a low FODMAP dietary plan. After that, she carefully walks readers through her approach to living an IBS-symptom-free life.

Catsos advocates IBS patients follow a step-by-step elimination plan that helps them to not only identify which food groups are symptom triggers, but also to create a personalized dietary plan.

Of course, the book also includes 50 of her best recipes for each meal and explores comfort foods without any high-FODMAP ingredients. All recipes are original to the book and were created and taste tested in collaboration with a recipe developer who specializes in home cooking.

“The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook” retails for $18.95 anywhere books are sold. Some online stores, however, are selling it for less, like here. If you’re interested in learning more about Patsy Catsos and her practical approach to FODMAP, you can visit here.