Talking sh*t with Gabriella Colasurdo

As podcasts go, there are hundreds of topics available online that could appeal to almost anyone. However, the editors of IBS Life think this podcast we just uncovered is very different and appeals specifically to our readers. The topic? Everything and anything related to poop, bowel movements, diarrhea, constipation, and yes, IBS. Let’s talk sh*t!

Talking Sh*t” was started by Gabriella Colasurdo and Sam Moore. Gabriella is a UK based video producer who was diagnosed with IBS when she was in her teens. While taking an exam, she remembers feeling very uncomfortable. She experienced bloating and a mix of constipation and diarrhea. Her mother soon took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with IBS. At the time, she had no idea what IBS was and there wasn’t much support or guidance on how to deal with her symptoms.

After years of research and personal experience with IBS, “Talking Sh*t” was born.

“Talking Sh*t” began as simple voice notes that Gabriella and Sam would send to one another. Interestingly, most of the back-and-forth messages that they’d share were related to each other’s IBS symptoms. Sometimes the messages were serious, but other times they took on a humorous tone. It wasn’t long before the two decided that they had “accidentally” created a podcast. If unloading their issues with each other helped them, perhaps it would also help others.

For their first few episodes, Gabriella and Sam would base their topics from personal experiences. Today, their topics may range from personal stories to how IBS influences their clothing choices. In another episode they had a frank discussion on the different types of farts they experience! Their conversations can turn from serious to hilarious quickly which is one reason why people continue to tune in. Sam and Gabriella’s chemistry is palpable and has the ability to draw listeners in.

Gabriella feels there’s such a stigma associated with gut health. She’s hoping to decrease that stigma through the podcast.

“Everyone’s IBS is different, so what may work for you may not work for the next person,” said Colasurdo. “It’s important for anyone who’s struggling with IBS to not give up. Keep doing your own research. Keep asking your doctor, therapist and dietitians about alternative approaches. Keep believing in yourself.”

“Talking Sh*t” podcast is gaining popularity not just in the UK but also in the U.S. and Asia.Talking Sh*t is currently working on more episodes that they hope to release soon and would love for more people to come on the show to talk about their experiences. To listen to the podcast, Colasurdo says folks can find them on Spotify and also connect with them on the Talking Sh*t Facebook.