Seeking help with your IBS? Get a digital IBS Coach

Coaches are great instructors. They help individuals achieve the success they define for

themselves, guide them to ask better questions, and encourage them to try harder, experiment and believe in themselves. So, when we heard about a start-up company offering a digital coach service for IBS, we were intrigued! IBS Coach is a new low-cost, subscription-based platform that does just what a live coach does, plus a bit more.

As many people with IBS know, preventing triggers, avoiding certain foods, and trying to stay

calm in the midst of a chaos can be very difficult. Depending on the day, a combination of

factors can lead to days of being unable to leave the house, feeling exhausted or dealing with gut pain resulting in cramps and constipation.

According to IBS Coach, that’s one of the reasons why the platform was developed. “Our goal is to helps people with IBS learn to better manage their condition by being there when they need us most,” said Jonathan Dewey, co-founder of IBS Coach. “Technology and mobile devices give us the opportunity to be there, guiding individuals before they choose their foods or decide on an activity.”

IBS Coach was based on 15 years of experience working with various individuals who are

struggling with IBS. Their team of experts designed many of the programs members rely on.

Lucy Whigham is the gut dietitian who specializes in the Low FODMAP diet. Dimitar Marinov,

PhD, MD, RD is the resident doctor who oversees the practice standards and acts as general

health advisor. Limahl Asmall is an award-winning cookbook author who closely oversees the

personalized meal plans and low FODMAP recipes.

While the platform is intuitive, it still relies on members’ insights. That’s why those interested in joining the IBS Coach community must begin by answering specific questions. These not only form as the foundation for their own personalized health plan, but also the type of coaching they will need. Don’t worry about sharing your private information because IBS Coach complies with privacy and regulatory guidelines.

For those who are unsure whether they have IBS or not, they can take a free IBS consultation. The consult section of the platform has been developed by a team of expert doctors and dietitians. The questions are based on medical history, personal information, general medical questions, and symptoms. Although this is not a medical diagnosis, this consultation will give someone more insight on their symptoms.

The program has three major components:

· The Symptom Tracker detects and tracks those symptoms that are common to IBS.

· Eat Delicious Food provides personalized meal plans, recipes and automated shopping lists — all based on the low FODMAP diet.

· Lastly, to find inspiration, Motivation Coaching is offered in the form of articles and resources providing daily tips, psychology, and strategies. You can also reach out to experts for a personalized response.

Since the company is based in the U.K., keep in mind that certain words are spelled a little differently across the ocean (“personalised” vs personalized” or dieticians vs dietitians). They do have a growing following of U.S. members.

Just to show how intuitive the program is, IBS Coach is sharing their user interface with IBS Life readers. Check it out here down below! For more information on IBS Coach visit: