Scientists discover IBS pain relief from giant spiders

In a recent study published in ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science, researchers have identified a new source of pain relief for IBS — and it comes from spider venom.

According to the researchers, spider venom contains the richest source of molecules that can inhibit certain nerves from stimulating pain. The molecule, TSP 1a, was found in the venom of a Peruvian tarantula. For those not familiar with Peruvian tarantulas, the arachnids can grow as large as two inches long.

They tested TSP 1a in mice that had an associated IBS-related condition and monitored them to see if they can detect a reflex associated with pain. One dose was enough to show there was significant reduction of the reflex, indicating pain relief. The researchers also discovered that Tsp1a did not interfere with body functions, which suggest it could be used in humans safely.

More studies will need to be done to confirm if TSP 1a is safe and effective and will also not affect the body’s immune system.