How to go trick-o-treating with IBS

Halloween calls for trick-o-treating, which creates fun memories for kids and parents alike. However, IBS can create some unique challenges. This season, consider taking precautionary measures to ensure the night goes smoothly for everyone involved. Listed below are suggestions that IBS Life editors have compiled.

  • Watch what you eat! IBS symptoms and triggers are different for everyone. Before the trick-or-treating begins, try to consume foods that don’t wreak havoc on the GI system.

  • Plan a route in advance. Walking has been known to help increase digestion; however, that isn’t necessarily a negative aspect with IBS and can help relieve symptoms. If some distances don’t work out, that’s okay! It’s important to recognize what can and can’t be achieved.

  • Identify bathrooms ahead of time. If it’s a party, neighborhood route, or theme park, knowing how to quickly access the bathrooms can help ease anxiety during these outings.

  • Pack an emergency bag. Sometimes, no matter how much preparation occurs, accidents will still happen. Make sure to pack underwear, an extra outfit, sanitary wipes, and a plastic bag for the soiled items.

  • Watch the sugar. Unfortunately, the spookiest night of the year comes with the most sugar intake. IBS and sugar or anything high in fructose is not recommended due to the lack of digestive enzymes, so limit the amount of sweets and reserve the rest for other days.

Today, more young kids seem to suffer from IBS than previously. To prevent symptoms from occurring — or worsening — sit down with your child after visiting neighbors and go through the candy items together. Select those that the child can eat and donate the treats that may cause stomach and other digestive issues.

Halloween parties for adults is always a fun event, but keep in mind that alcohol is a trigger for many folks. Choose IBS-friendly drinks, which we highlighted here, or simply bring your own drinks to the event.

Last, but certainly not least, have fun! Living with IBS can prove to be limiting at times. However, this may be the best Halloween yet with ample preparation and positive coping habits!