During these uncertain times, “free” is a welcome sight

We are living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us feeling anxious, afraid, and uncertain. Social distancing has only exacerbated those feelings. For individuals whose IBS are triggered by stress and anxiety, the days may seem even more uncomfortable. So when a company announces it’s offering a free product during April, IBS Awareness Month, it seems almost too good to be true.

Glycom is giving away trial samples of Holigos® IBS Restore to patients with IBS. Each trial sample contains 28 packs, or 28 days of daily use. According to Glycom, the giveaway decision was simple.

“We understand the struggle people with IBS must deal with on a regular basis,” said Bruce McConnell, a spokesperson for Glycom. “Our hope is by giving people the opportunity to learn more about the product and consider it as an option for their IBS, they can begin a dialogue with their healthcare professionals (HCPs) by asking for more information.”

Holigos® IBS Restore is a medical food, which means that it’s not a pill, prescription, or supplement. It should be taken under medical supervision. Medical foods are intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition and have distinctive nutritional requirements, which normal diets can’t meet. That’s why it’s important for people with IBS to first reach out to their healthcare professionals and ask about it.

Patients need to simply contact their healthcare professionals and ask for a free sample. If their HCP is not familiar with Holigos® IBS Restore, they can easily obtain the free products for their practice by going to the website, https://holigos.com/pages/health-care-provider. HCPs can receive multiple samples without having to worry about shipping costs. According to Glycom if they agree with the medical information, the company can also send the samples to their patients directly.

“We truly believe that regular use of Holigos® IBS Restore could positively change gut health,” said McConnell, which is why Glycom is willing to give the product away for free during IBS Awareness Month.

So if your IBS is being triggered by today’s challenging times and you’re looking for a new option to manage the condition, perhaps now’s the time to try something free.