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A holiday wishlist for IBS

Are you still on the hunt to find the perfect gift? Specifically, for a certain someone with digestive issues? Look no further, because IBS Life editors have compiled a gift list for those in need. Keep in mind that these items can be gifted individually or combined into a care package—dealer's choice. Happy Holidays!

Up first on our list are powders. L-glutamine and Bloom superfoods may sound familiar due to their increasing popularity on TikTok. We recently featured an article on the benefits of powdered superfoods due to the high number of antioxidants known to help relieve bloating. In addition, L-glutamine removes excess ammonia (a standard waste product in the body). As always, check with your doctors first on the best superfoods for your diet.

One of the most common symptoms of IBS is abdominal pain and cramping. CBD has pain-reducing properties that help with inflammation. In addition, studies have shown that stress and anxiety can be a trigger for IBS. CBD has demonstrated benefits in stress management which could help decrease episodes and help with associated pain. Joy Organics uses tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar (which is low-FODMAP) to sweeten their gummies. They come in green apple and strawberry lemonade flavors. They’re THC-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

A heating pad is always lovely to have on hand to help with the cramping if you are not a fan of CBD gummies. The heat relaxes your outer stomach muscles and promotes movement in the digestive tract. They come in all shapes and sizes – including as an adorable avocado! Best of all, this avocado is FODMAP-free!

Sometimes with IBS, things can get messy. That’s why it may be good to have some wipes on hand. Most baby wipes are a good selection as they are meant for sensitive skin, but any that are non-fragrant are a reasonable option. Public Goods are hypoallergenic bamboo wet wipes made with a moisturizing blend of aloe, vitamin E, cucumber extract, and other nourishing ingredients that soothe the skin.

Always make sure to bring the Poo-Pouri to leave a lasting impression…of the good kind. You do not have to fear the possibility of being singled out at an event or party for using the bathroom. As the label indicates, spray “before you go,” and the bad scents will dissipate. This gift pack features some spray for the home and an extra spray for backpacks or bags.

Suppose you are someone who prefers a bidet instead of simply toilet paper. Look no further than TUSHY. Their travel-size bidet is perfect for the on-the-go and requires no batteries. Stay fresh even with IBS!


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